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​Dan's Penn Auto Care

We offer many different services such as

Standard Valvoline Oil Changes: Synthetic, synthetic blend or conventional for trucks, minivans, high mileage cars or sports cars.

We use many different Valvoline oil types: 

*Premium Conventional Motor oil helps to keep engines clean by minimizing deposit formation, resists oil thickening by providing solid oxidation control, improves gas mileage and provides anti-wear protection for all makes of cars.

*Max Life (high mileage use) is designed to fight the four major causes of engine breakdown:  Leaks, Friction, Deposits and Sludge.

*Syn-Power (full synthetic) Full-synthetic motor oil is formulated to provide enhanced engine protection against heat, deposits and wear.  It's superior strength is made for cold start-ups, which are essential in Minnesota.

It's important to change your oil on a regular basis. Most Mechanics will suggest a change every 3,500 miles. Mainly because your oil loses it's integrity to do the things it needs to do such as; lubricate, cool, flow and clean your engine. 

Without proper maintenance such as oil changes, your engine's life span will be shorter leading to major and costly repairs down the road. 

Brake Service:

Our brake service includes a complete check on pads, rotors, shoes and drums.  Master cylinders and brake boosters to flushing and bleeding brake systems.  We repair rusty/leaking lines or just replace brake lights or bulbs.

Heating, Ventilation & A/C system (HVAC):

Our service includes replacement of radiators, water pumps, heater cores, thermostats, hoses as well as flushing and treatment of cooling systems.

Our A/C system check consists of replacement of compressors, condensers, evaporator cores, lines and fittings.  We also charge A/C systems and inspect for Freon leaks.

Suspension  Steering:

This service includes complete replacement of shocks, struts, ball joints, control arms, tie rod ends, sway bars, links and bushings. 

Engines Services:

The engine is the heart of your car.  Our engine service includes tune up, computer diagnostics, timing belts, intake gaskets, head gaskets and oil or coolant leaks.  We also can do a complete engine replacement if needed. 


Our transmission check includes fluid or filter change, leak repair, transmission and or clutch replacement.


Our electrical service includes replace or repair of batteries, starters, alternators as well as repairing of wiring, electrical diagnostics and replacement of bulbs.


We offer tire rotation and balancing or replacement of TPM sensors.  Our tire repair includes, plugs, bead leaks and valve stems.  Also we offer complete tire replacement of all major tire brands.

Fuel Systems:

With a fuel system service, we include diagnosing fuel related problems such as fuel leaks, running problems or replacement of fuel components such as fuel pumps, fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel injectors and filters.

Complete Manufacturer's Scheduled Maintenance

At Dan's Penn Auto Care, we can follow and maintain your scheduled maintenance listed in your owner's manual by simply sending out a friendly reminder email or call.